Project NOLA VR

The aim of Project NOLA VR is to create the largest compendium of virtual reality content that completely maps out the landscape of experiences in New Orleans. We will provide access to the contents of the library to the world, and allow for a fully immersive experience of what life is like in New Orleans through the medium of virtual reality.


About Project NOLA VR Partners 


A solutions oriented agency specializing in strategy development and implementation with an emphasis on media production. R&D Design is a worldwide leader in the utilization of Virtual Reality and 360 video. Based in New Orleans, R&D works throughout the country with businesses, organizations, and leaders focused on leveraging technology to lead the way in enhanced customer engagement. The full service creative engine handles a broad range of services for clients, including marketing strategy, branding, web design, social media management, public relations, crisis management, print collateral, media buys, and video production services with cinematic, aerial, and virtual reality capabilities.


A comprehensive experiences platform and ancillary services provider headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana. In addition to its immersive technologies for customers to re-define how they consume and share experiences, they also serve as a conduit for large buyers and influencers of experiences for concierge desk operation, transportation desk staffing, destination management, airport ground transportation technology, and selling support for hotel sales and events teams.

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